Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fare Maiden's Final Voyage...

Another day off.

I'd decided to dispense with Fare Maiden posts, as she's become an aggravating constant in my weekly schedule. And yet I feel compelled to know more. I'm getting to know her more intimately than I had hoped, but I can't help passing the dear time I spend with her asking questions I don't want answered. I don't ask about her favourite soap, or anything that I'm truly curious about, for fear that I may reveal too much of my own selfish concerns. So instead I comment on gathering clouds, rural living, her origins...the sort of thing no-one is truly concerned about, unless it has something of immediate import to their own existence. I've discovered that she's from "the big city", aka Ottawa, and moved to the country to escape the blight that is city-living, only to find herself paying a mortgage on a home that an existing tenant refused to vacate. It's a sad tale, one that involves lengthy court battles, damaged property, missing doorknobs, and a host of injustices built right into the Landlord Tenant Act. Happily I am free of such concerns, and could only nod my head in agreement with her frustrations, and shake it disapprovingly at the temerity of tenants in general, and the laws that shield them from justice. She is married, I think, though I didn't press her on that point, given my credulity was strained at the thought. I wanted more, as the ride is long, and yet I was content to remain uninformed. She is a woman who is having a tough go, and her life will not be the subject of any further amusement in these posts.

So adieu Fare Maiden.


I Can't Remember My Friggin Password said...

Oh my, I do believe Cabhack and FM are now dating ...

Just kidding. Cabhack: you're far too decent to be blogging on the 'net. I would imagine most bloggers would've mined the Fare Maiden (Matron) material for all its worth. That said, I'm sure you have other "gold" out there. Looking forward to reading it.

Lord D.

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